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Special powerUPSThe power supply
Power dedicated inverter power supply
Photovoltaic (pv)(The wind)Off-grid inverter power supply
Car inverter power supply
Electricity power supply operation
Dc power supply
Integration(Intelligence)The power supply
Wall-mounted power supply
UP5The distributed dc power supply(One-piece)
UP5The distributed dc power supply(Distributed)
Communication power supply
Communication power supply
Inverter power supply of communication

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 Weifang high electric co., LTD Is located in qilu earth transportation is convenient、Beautiful kite capital of the world——Weifang,Is a collection research and development、Production、Sales、Services for the integration of high-tech enterprises。Company's core team has20Years experience in industry leader,Pioneering the development of special powerUPSThe power supply、Diners dedicated inverter power supply、Power dedicated inverter power supply、Photovoltaic (pv)(The wind)Inverter power supply、Combined intelligent high frequency dc power supply system、Intelligent power system、Intelligent emergency power supply system、Communication power supply and other power products,Are the pioneers of domestic power electronics industry,Always adhere to inverter technology、Dc technology as the core,With great concentration is committed to the production of new and high technology、Industrialization……【In more detail

 Special powerUPSThe power supply 

GYUPSSpecial series of electric powerUPSThe power supply
  3KVASpecial powerUPSThe power supply(AC220V、 DC220V/AC220V)
  5KVASpecial powerUPSThe power supply(AC220V、 DC220V/AC220V
  7.5-20KVASpecial powerUPSThe power supply(AC380V、 DC220V/AC220V)
  30KVASpecial powerUPSThe power supply(AC380V、 DC220V/AC220V)
  40-80KVASpecial powerUPSThe power supply(AC380V、 DC220V/AC220V)

 Power dedicated inverter power supply 

GYNBDSeries power dedicated inverter power supplySingle phase
  1KVA/2KVA/3KVA/5KVAPower dedicated inverter power supply(DC220V/AC220V
  7.5-20KVAPower dedicated inverter power supply(DC220V/AC220V)
  30KVAPower dedicated inverter power supply(DC220V/AC220V)
  40-60KVAPower dedicated inverter power supply(DC220V/AC220V)
GYNBDSeries power dedicated inverter power supplyThree phase
  10KVA/15KVAPower dedicated inverter power supply(DC220V/AC380V)
  20KVA/30KVA/50KVAPower dedicated inverter power supply(DC220V/AC380V)
  80KVA/100KVA/150KVAPower dedicated inverter power supply(DC220V/AC380V)

 Photovoltaic (pv)(The wind)Off-grid inverter power supply 

KNSeries inverter control all-in-one
  0.5KVA/1KVAAll-in-one inverter control(DC24V/AC220V)
  2KVA/3KVAAll-in-one inverter control(DC48V/AC220V)
  5KVAAll-in-one inverter control(DC48V/AC220V)
  5KVAAll-in-one inverter control(DC72V/AC220V)
  5KVAAll-in-one inverter control(DC220V/AC220V)
GKSeries solar charge controller

  50ASolar charge controller(DC72V)
  50ASolar charge controller(DC110V)
  50ASolar charge controller(DC220V)
GYNXOff-grid inverter power supply seriesSingle phase
  10KVA/15KVAOff-grid inverter power supply(DC96V/AC220V)
  10KVA/15KVA/20KVAOff-grid inverter power supply(DC192V/AC220V)
  10KVA/15KVA/20KVAOff-grid inverter power supply(DC220V/AC220V)
  30KVAOff-grid inverter power supply(DC220V/AC220V)
GYNXOff-grid inverter power supply seriesThree phase
  10KVA/15KVAOff-grid inverter power supply(DC220V/AC380V)
  20KVA/30KVA/50KVAOff-grid inverter power supply(DC220V/AC380V)
  80KVA/100KVA/150KVAOff-grid inverter power supply(DC220V/AC380V)

 Car inverter power supply 

  NBSeries vehicle-mounted inverter power supply
  1KWCar inverter power supply(DC72V/AC220V)
  5KWCar inverter power supply(DC48V/AC220V)
  5KWCar inverter power supply(DC60V/AC220V)
  5KWCar inverter power supply(DC72V/AC220V)
  5KWCar inverter power supply(DC72V/AC220V)

  NBSeriesLEDVehicle battery inverter power supply system
  NBInverter power supply series electric bus(DC500V/AC220V)

 Electricity power supply operation 

GYDCSSeries of dc power supply
GYTSSeries of integration(Intelligence)The power supply
GYBGSeries of wall-mounted power supply
GYFBSeriesUP5The distributed dc power supply(One-piece)
GYFBSeriesUP5The distributed dc power supply(Distributed)

 Communication power supply 

GYTXSSeries of communication power supply
TNInverter power supply series communication
2KVA/3KVACommunications dedicated inverter power supply(DC48V/AC220V)
5KVACommunications dedicated inverter power supply(DC48V/AC220V)

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