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  Philip Bragg photoelectric science and technology(Hubei)Co., LTD2014Years9Month was established,Located in hubei qianjiang high-tech industrial park,Focus on various communication、Fiber laser and sensing fiber Bragg grating of research and development and mass production,And to provide customers with personalized solutions。The company originated in North America,Rooted in central,Radiation all over the world,To provide more accurate quality for optical communication industry、More considerate service、The price of more practical。

  We uphold“Strive for perfection,Win-win cooperation”The aim of the。We pay all,Forward。We are committed to grow up to be the best quality,The most professional,The focus of fiber Bragg grating supplier。

  I sincerely hope that with your sincere cooperation in the field of fiber Bragg grating,Dream of the future!